8 Things Boviteq West Can Bring to Your Breeding Program

  1. Faster Beef or Dairy Genetic Improvement
  2. Heifers can be enrolled at 7 months – a younger age than with conventional Flushing
  3. More calves per donor per year
  4. Fertilize multiple donors’ oocytes with a single unit of semen
  5. Cows producing many unfertilized embryos via conventional often achieve better results with IVF
  6. Pregnant cows can continue to be collected to 100 days pregnant and sometimes beyond
  7. Reverse sorted semen maximizes female creation from sires not typically offered in sexed form
  8. The interval between collections is much shorter – just 14 days

Siesta time for Ariel and Lauramie

“As we develop our genetic businesses, the IVF services of Boviteq West have allowed us to maximize their growth. IVF technology, specifically its increased mating frequency, has allowed us to rapidly take advantage of genetic progress. We’re now able to produce embryos from multiple matings at a much faster pace. W’re also able to utilize our genetics at an earlier stage with IVF, which again increases the speed of our genetic advancement.

We have now reached the stage where progeny resulting from IVF are enrolled back into Boviteq West’s program. In addition, some of our show girls are taking advantage of being able to create those influential females we desire. Boviteq West’s program has been extremely valuable to our business.”

Darren and Jeff Kooyman,

Westcoast Holsteins – Chilliwack, BC