About the ARC

The ARC, Canada’s first Advanced Reproduction Centre provides all Western Canadian Producers access to the world’s most advanced technologies, exclusively through our network. The ARC is changing the conversation surrounding reproduction.

With multiple locations across Western Canada, our team of experts will translate your genetic goals into a cost-effective tailored reproduction plan that bridges the gap between your genetic strategies and reproductive results.

We believe the profitability of dairy and beef herds will significantly increase through the use of advanced reproductive solutions.


Quite simply, we want to focus on the goal rather than the process. Using a team approach, we will focus on the most efficient and effective way to deliver on your expectations. We will take your genetic plan and bring it into reality. Whether that be as a herd strategy or an individual strategy, you can have confidence that we will utilize every tool in our toolbox to achieve your goal.

Not every donor will produce cost-effective results in an advanced reproductive program. By using our approach to screening donors and applying the most effective individual strategy to each donor, we will maximize the chances of success. This will result in a detailed reproduction plan for the identified donors.

The partnership between our veterinarian professionals, your genetics team and you (the farmer), combines all the expertise needed to substantially increase the performance of your herd and therefore, the profitability of your business. Our advanced reproductive services are now an affordable and effective solution for every dairy and beef producer.

The ARC is farmer-owned, this is your organization working for you.


All is not equal when it comes to advanced reproduction. Only through one organization, The ARC, can you access the world’s leading technology from Boviteq and decades of reproduction expertise contained within Bow Valley Genetics and our partners.