Beef Reproductive Solutions

Beef cows often make the best IVF donors and are known for producing many oocytes per collection. The number of beef herds benefiting from the Advanced Reproduction Centre’s services has been steadily growing as this information becomes more widely known.

Purebred herds benefit from the ability to mass-produce offspring from their top show females. However, commercial beef producers can also use Advanced Reproductive Techniques (such as Synchronisation, AI, Conventional Embryo Transfer and IVF) to quickly spread highly valuable traits throughout their herd.

Many beef producers take advantage of the ability to bank up large quantities of frozen embryos from their best donors, which they can then implant later during the busy breeding season.

Collections can even be done year-round, thanks to our ability to safely perform IVF collections on pregnant donors. Furthermore, our Reverse Sorting Service enables beef producers to breed for whatever gender they need most in their herd.

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