In vitro fertilization (IVF) means fertilizing an oocyte (immature egg cell) outside the organism, such as in a test tube or culture dish. IVF offers more opportunities to collect elite donors, as young as seven months of age, during the first trimester of pregnancy and as frequently as every two weeks.

In-Vitro Fertilization at The ARC

Advanced techniques developed by Boviteq™ have enabled us to create exceptional quality embryos and to return the highest possible embryo percentage back to our customers’ facilities for implantation. This dramatically reduces their per embryo costs.

Our IVF procedure involves creating embryos from unfertilized egg cells (oocytes) by fertilizing them with semen in our unique 3-step media process. A trained ARC veterinarian collects oocytes from a donor cow using an ultrasound-guided follicular aspiration technique.

We are a comprehensive reproductive solutions provider dedicated to finding the right genetic solution for every animal and client.

IVF is central to the ARC business. However, we also offer a recipient herd program, conventional flushing, embryo transfer, problem donor solutions, as well as a complete WestGen™ Genetic Plan.

Maximize Your
Genetic Return

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The ARC’s Services can be used to improve your herd’s:

  • LPI

  • Pro$

  • TPI

  • Net Merit

  • Milk

  • Health

  • Reproduction

The ARC IVF Process

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Advantages of IVF

  • Faster Genetic Process Beef or Dairy Program

  • Cows producing many unfertilized embryos via conventional often achieve better results with IVF
  • Heifers can be enrolled at 7 months – a younger age than with conventional flushing

  • Pregnant cows can continue to be collected to 100-150 days of pregnancy

  • More calves / donor / year

  • Reverse sorted semen maximizes female creation from sires not typically offered in sexed form

  • Fertilize multiple donors’ oocytes with a single unit of semen

  • The interval between collection is much shorter – just 14 days